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At Snowstyle, we don’t just offer amazing holidays, we also look to the future by offering courses for those wishing to further their winter sports experience and education. We are based in one of Europe’s biggest ski areas and we want you to come and share it with us!

Build on your BASI

Brexit has left many unsure and uncertain over current qualifications. If this is you then you might want to consider adding to what you already have in order to guarantee qualification recognition throughout the world. By becoming part of the Austrian system, you’ll not only enjoy more knowledge but also more employment opportunities too.

PIQ your Season

Best value season instructor course on the market – fullstop…. and yes, we still  guarantee you a job too! 12 weeks in Austria where you’ll train, prepare, qualify, work, earn money, train some more, prepare some more before then being offered the opportunity to earn more money and stay even longer…. at no extra cost! This is exceptional value and we are so proud to be the only ones offering it!

Alpine Safety Guide

Attention teachers – we haven’t forgotten you guys! Trip leaders are increasingly being asked to better prepare themselves for the running of educational visits especially where skiing and snowboarding are involved. We have teamed up with local authorities to offer staff this great option. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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