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Where we are?

At SnowStyle we believe in delivering when we say we will deliver and it is for that reason we have chosen to operate solely from Austria.

Unlike most companies, we have decided to invest in areas which we know well rather than spread ourselves thinly all over the world. It is with this local knowledge that we can guarantee total perfection.
Being based in one country does not mean a limit to your options, far from it. We are proud to offer uniquely bespoke package options to all of of our guests including a wide range of travel, accommodation and resort options.

Getting to us

Each group has different needs and we understand this. Over the years we have developed excellent relationships allowing us to offer you different journey options; whether you choose road or air, we can facilitate both!

If flying, we are able to access all major UK airports with flights typically landing in either Munich or Salzburg. Once you are with us, we organise all transfers to and from your hotel, it could’t be easier.

SnowStyle are proud to work in partnership with Watts Coaches, one of the UK’s best known names in the industry. If road travel is your preference, together, we will make this a huge success.

Due to large and continuing investment within the company, Watts Coaches are able to provide SnowStyle with a high standard of vehicle on every single occasion. You will experience true luxury with comfortable seating, boasting great leg and shoulder room, the use of flat screen televisions, a DVD and PA system as well as refreshment and toilet facilities. All of these aspects will make the journey a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

We are also very grateful for the continued support of our wonderful team of drivers. With their help and understanding during the week it allows everything to be done with a minimum of fuss but with a maximum amount of success.
We are truly, very happy to be in partnership with Watts Coaches and we know that you will be too!

What we look for

All our groups differ from one another and as a result we don’t have just ‘standard’ hotels to choose from, instead we have chosen to work with a wide range of hotels, all of which offer our groups the flexibliity they require.

All our hotels are family run and whether they are 3* or 4*, each offers our guests the warmest of welcomes upon arrival and ensures that your stay with them is both enjoyable and unforgettable.

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