Specialists in Winter Sports Travel & Qualification.

Our Holidays

At Snowstyle, we believe in delivering when we say we will deliver, and it is for that reason we have chosen to operate solely from Austria. Being based in one country gives both us the agent and you the consumer tremendous advantages. We are able to invest our time and energy into areas which we know well, building relationships as we go; it is with this local knowledge that we can guarantee total perfection. We are proud to offer uniquely bespoke packages to all of our guest, including a wide range of travel, accommodation and resort options, which we know you will love.

Our Continuing Mission

With our roots firmly in South Wales and a huge customer base of Welsh speakers, we believed the natural progression was to take our services a step further and offer ski instruction through the medium of Welsh. The idea was to develop a school's mission to extend the level of immersion beyond the classroom and the playground, continuing, as we have, in the Alps! Today, we proudly stand as the only company able to guarantee Welsh medium ski instruction to our Welsh speakers and native English speaking ski instruction for our English speakers...
and it feels great!

Our Courses

We are here to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime - our Professional Instructor Qualification (PIQ). This is an internationally renowned qualification as a Snowsports instructor, allowing you to teach all over the world. Once qualified, we will provide you with many opportunities to use your new found skills throughout the winter season by working with our partner ski school right here in Austria! This allows you to train and work in the same resort for the whole season. Come and make our home, your home!